Ben sat nervously waiting in Miss Wilkins' office for her to come in and conduct the job interview! He really needed this job because the tuition for his last year in college was due in another two months, and after looking everywhere for a summer job, not a one was to be found! He heard of this opening last night in a bar down on Clancy St. while some guy bragged that he had made over a thousand dollars in just one week working at the Oasis Health Spa, and what's more, they needed another guy right away! Ben decided right then and there to be at the spa at eight the next morning to see if he could get that last spot for himself, so now here he was getting ready to be interviewed by the personnel director, a Miss Erica Wilkins.

ten minutes later, in walked an average looking woman wearing glasses and dressed in a dark blue women's business suit, and while reaching out her hand she said, 'I'm Erica Wilkins, and you must be Ben Carter!" "Yes ma'am," answered Ben in a low voice. "Well, Ben," said Erica Wilkins, "this is a job that requires the utmost in discretion as well as, shall we say stamina!" "As you were told, this job pays rather well, up to two to three hundred dollars a day, now believe me when I tell you that you will earn every penny of it and sometimes feel underpaid!" Ben listened to what Miss Wilkins was saying, but wondered what in the world he could possibly do to earn that kind of money and yet be under paid. "Ben, do you have any idea what we do here at Oasis," she asked? Well," Ben replied, "it's a fat farm I guess, you know exercise and eight hundred calory per day diets, or something like that." "That just barely scratches the surface," Miss Wilkins said, "we give a total body and mind rejuvenation so to speak, the women who come here not only want to cleanse their bodies, but they want mental nourishment as well." Miss Wilkins then reached into a desk drawer and removed a stack of what appeared to be eight by ten photograghs, and after handing him the top picture she continued, "This is one of our clients who comes in at least three times a year, and as you can see she is still quite over weight." Ben stared at the photo of a fifty five year old woman who must have weighed in at two hundred and fifty pounds, and to top that off she was totally naked! "These women come here expecting more than any other facility would or could ever possibly provide them," she added, "now while not the most attractive of God's creatures, they do have their physical needs, am I coming through to you now Ben?" I was just then dawning on him, they wanted him to make love to their over weight clients for money! "I think so, yeah," answered Ben! "Could you do it, though," asked Miss Wilkins? "I don't know," replied Ben, "they're so fat, and I've never....." "I know it's hard to decide on such a short notice," she said, "what do you say we let you meet one of our clients in a neutral setting so you can get a feel for her as a person, believe me, that makes a big difference in your ability to perform!"

Erica and Ben walked through a campus like setting to the workout room and pool area where maybe thirty women doing a variety of different exercises designed to shed the unwanted pounds. As they passed through, Erica would stop and talk to the women, giving them some encouragement, and while Ben had to admit while they weren't that particularly attractive, they did seem to be nice people, and some of them in fact weren't what Ben would call fat at all, more like pleasantly plump! Back in her office Miss Wilkins asked again, "Well, Ben, do you think you can do it?" This time Ben said with out reservation, "Yes, I think I can!" "Good," she said, "now we'll go over all the details, every time you service a client, you will be credited fifty dollars, and while you may be needed up to six times in one day, that would be very unusual, it's normally only three or four, and naturally you will be given at least one hour to recuperate from your last servicing, we want you to perform, not kill you!" "You will have no say to who your clients will be, that decision will be made by the administrator on duty at the time, and finally," she concluded, "you must act as if this were just another part of the therapy being prescribed by doctor in charge!" "Is that all," asked Ben? "Well, there is one more thing I have to check out, I must inspect your genitals to make sure that they are in perfect working order," Miss Wilkins added, "it is imperative that our clients get nothing but the best service possible, is that agreeable to you?!" "Uh, yeah, sure," Ben replied, "like right now?"

"If you don't mind, yes please," she answered?!? Ben stood up and walked around to the back of the large desk that separated them, and while standing only a foot from the seated lady, he unbuckled his pants and let them slide down his legs to the floor. Stripping in front of a strange woman had caused him to harden and the outline of his growing erection could clearly be seen under his jockeys. "Let me," said Miss Wilkins, as she reached out to slid off his shorts, allowing Ben's erection to pop free, standing up proudly under the watchful eye of his new boss. "Very nice, very nice indeed," she murmurred as she stared at Ben's eight inch love muscle! Now leaning forward, she took it into her mouth and sucked on the head like it was the last cock on earth, until several minutes later Ben ejaculated down her throat, making her moan as he empied his nut sack into her hungry throat!!! After wiping her chin and sitting back up she said, "So far so good, now we have to wait awhile and do it all over again, I have to make sure of your recuperative powers!" Ben sat back down in the chair with the lower half of his body still naked and asked softly, "May I make a suggestion?!?" "Certainly, what is it," asked Miss Wilkins? "Well, we don't really have to wait for and hour to go by, I think we can speed the process up quite a bit with a little help from you!" "How so," she asked? "If you would just take off your top, I'm sure that I would get another erection in a real hurry," he offered. Nodding her head, Miss Wilkins stood up and started removing her upper garments as off came her jacket, which had been hiding a nice big chest causing Ben to give out a low whistle of approval when she got down to her lacy white bra! Miss Wilkins' faced reddened as she dropped her bra revealing a full firm set of boobs that looked ripe for the sucking, and while looking at his crotch, Miss Wilkins could see the now semi hard member quickly gain new life! "Let me suck them," Ben said, while she walked over to his chair with her chest thrust forward!!! It was like someone had put a air hose to his pecker, hard as a rock and ready to go!

Reaching up under her skirt, Ben was met by a thin nylon pair of sheer panties which he slipped his hand inside, feeling a pussy that was in obvious need as he whispered, "Sit on it!!!" She reached under her skirt and pulled off her damp panties, and after hiking up her skirt, she revealed a blonde thatch of pubic hair that had been trimmed. Reaching down, she grabbed his cock by it's base and guided it towards her lowering cunt. When his head was just inside, she let all her weigh down and drilled her pussy to the hilt with one plunge, causing all of the air to whistle out of her as she bottomed out on his lap, full of eight inches of cock meat! She ground her hips into his crotch until both of them came in simultaneous orgasm that left her a total wreck!!! "You've go the job," she sighed! "You start tomorrow at ten!"