The girls in the senior Home Economics class were milling around and talking as the bell to start the fifth period rang. "Okay, ladies, please take your seats," Mrs. Wells ordered, "and make it snappy because we have a lot of ground to cover today!" A few moments later when everyone was in their assigned seat the fortyish teacher offered, "That's better, now where were we in our last lesson?" Jenny quickly raised her hand and after being recognized by Mrs. Wells replied, "We were discussing first sexual experiences and how to handle them." "Very good, Jenny," Sally Wells replied with a nod of her head. "And why is it important to know what to expect during our first sexual encounter?" "So that both ourselves and our partners have a memorable first time," came a voice from the back row. "That is of course correct," Sally answered. "And what is the first thing that a boy will probably want to do?" For the first time no one was ready with the answer to Sally Wells went on, "Don't you think that he'll want to feel your breasts?!?"

Barb raised her hand and offered, "I know for a fact that's what happens because my boyfriend has felt me up a lot of times!" Several other girls nodded in agreement which made it easier for Sally to suggest, "Since we all agree that breast play will more than likely be the first step in a relationship I think that we should all remove our blouses and bras and do a some preliminary research!" Everyone looked around a little nervously but after only a moment's hesitation all twenty eighteen year olds stripped to the waist. There was a wide disparity between the size and shape of each girl's chest, all the way from an A-cup to what appeared to be a double D! As she always did in this class Sally Wells also removed her own blouse and bra to reveal her own 36D's to the class. The cool air immediately made it's presence know as all of the nipples shriveled up into hard little erections! "Okay everyone," Sally said softly, "now do just as I do!" Twenty pairs of eyes stared intently as their teacher cupped her full chest before gently twisting her hard nubs between her thumb and forefinger! Each girl them mimicked her by caressing and then pinching her own nipples.

The room was soon filled with soft sighs as the girls manually manipulated their firm girlish boobs. "How does it feel, ladies?" Sally asked quietly. "U-uh very nice," Gina replied while cupping her full breasts, "it feels just wonderful!" "Well, as good as this feels it is a far cry from having them sucked," Sally intoned, "so each girl pair off and take turns nursing each other!" The sighs increased in tone and intensity as warm wet mouths attached themselves to fat little teenage nipples. For most of the girls this was the first time that they had ever had any type of oral stimulation, so it was especially arousing to see them growing more and more excited by the second! After five minutes or so Sally ordered the girls to switch so that everyone would have a chance! While she had no partner to suck her, it was easy for Sally to lift one of her massive breasts upward, allowing her to suck her own pink nipple with her own hot mouth! This was one of her favorite lessons of the year! There was just nothing quite like a good nipple sucking to get a girl ready for a nice big cock!!! It was obvious from the sounds coming from deep in their throats that all of them were really turned on! Sally gave them another two minutes before ordering, "All right, ladies, that's enough nipple sucking, let's take off our slacks and panties and have a vagina inspection!

Again all of the girls quickly followed directions and removed their remaining things, leaving them totally naked except for their socks or stockings! This was incredibly exciting in it's own right, seeing a cute little girl like Karen with her knee high red socks, cute little breasts, hard nipples, and of course her nearly hairless vagina! Sally's pussy drenched itself just looking at the delectable little muffin, and after clearing her throat continued on. "W-we all seem to be ready, so let's spread our legs and carefully probe our private parts, just to get the feel of it!" Eyes quickly closed and fingers disappeared deep into puffy vulvas as each and every girl began gently masturbating!" The sighs had grown more fervent and were soon substituted with loud moans and groans! Cute little asses were soon bouncing up and down on their chairs as the girls began furiously fingering their clits and gaping pussies! Julianne was the first to go as she sighed deeply before letting loose with a guttural moan that simply filled the room, while at the same time igniting the fire in all of the other girls! Sally was still sucking a hard nipple and fingering her own cunt when out of nowhere Karen appeared at her side and whispered, "Would you like me to suck your vagina, ma'am?" "I'd be more than happy to!"

Sally was in such a state of arousal that she had trouble speaking, but with a hard nod of her head the little brunette got the message and took her place between her teachers big thighs! Sweat had by now broken out on her forehead, and at the first contact of pretty little mouth to cunt Sally threw her head back and lurched her hips forward into Karen's obviously ravenous mouth! Karen's mouth was like a vacuum as she hoovered Sally's distended clit for all it was worth! With the little cunt lapper firmly attached to her wide open pussy Sally managed to look out to the now relaxed class and stammered, "T-this is what a woman lives for, to get her vagina eaten and her clit sucked!" "T-there's nothing quite like having a mouth and tongue pressed against your open pussy," she gasped, "so let's pair off and suck each other off!" Again the room was filled with the moans of young women having their pussies licked for the very first time while several of the girls with large breasts were sucking their own nipples while as their pussies were being eaten! Sally was running on the ragged edge of orgasm as she stared out at her senior class being sucked for all they were worth. Several girls in the front row had taken it upon themselves to drop to the floor and begin and impromptu session of sixty nine! This was all that Sally needed as she used her arm to clean off her desk and lay back down while pulling little Karen up and on top of her! "T-turn around, child, and put your pussy on my face," Sally whispered hoarsely, "and hurry!!!"

Seconds later Karen's little bare muffy was pressing down hard onto Sally's wide open mouth!!! What an incredible taste and aroma that the this young pussy possessed! Quickly Sally snaked her tongue around until it found the girl's hard little clit! It only took a few hard licks of her tongue to induce a stunning orgasm aroused young woman's dripping cunt! Around the room screams and groans bounced off the walls while sweet young vaginas convulsed in brutal orgasms that left them quaking and spent! Sally's own pussy lurched hard several times while little Karen gobbled and licked her to unbelievable ecstasy! Her hairy snatch spasmed hard in Karen's mouth until it was literally rung out like an old wash cloth!!! God this little bitch could suck!!! Sally rolled her head to the side and was stunned to see that there were only two minutes left until the period ending bell!!! She pushed Karen off of her face and after sitting up she offered, "That will be all for today, class, next time our lesson's on sanitary napkins and tampons, good day!!!"