Sherri and Gloria were a little early as they returned to school from lunch and a lot of kids were still milling around the hall, just killing time until fifth period started. Sherri turned to Gloria and said, "Ya know, I'm still hungry, how about you?" Gloria looked at Sherri and saw that look in her eyes! "Now wait a minute Sherri, we gotta be in class in less then fifteen minutes, and we don't have time for that right now," Gloria pleaded! "There's always time for Jell-o babe," shot back Sherri, "let's see if we can find Kenny!!!" Before Gloria could make anymore protestations, Sherri was off into the sea of students looking for Kenny. Now you may be wondering what Sherri was so hot for,but Sherri is one of the many females addicted to giving head to big cocks! Hardly a day goes by that Sherri doesn't have at least one good load of jizz shot down her hungry throat, and while Gloria likes to give head all right, it's just that she isn't hooked like a junkie on crack!

Cruising the halls, Sherri finally found Kenny leaning up against his locker reading a magazine, and after gliding up to him, she quickly came right to the point by asking, "Kenny, I need it bad, can you give me some sugar right now?" Kenny gave her and Gloria a fast once over, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure, follow me," he said, leading the two eighteen year olds into the empty dark gymnasium. Turning to face them, Kenny stood with his arms at his sides waiting for Sherri to make the first move. Dropping to her knees, Sherri unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants and short with one swift motion, exposing the semi-erect nine inch hammer that that hung between Kenny's slim muscular legs! Sherri took in a deep breath and savored the smell of Kenny's maleness as the aroma alone made her pussy saturate with her own juices! Sherri's hot breath made Kenny's cock begin to harden, and she moved in with her mouth, flicking her tongue over the satiny head and licking off the drop of precum that had oozed out of the slit! "Hurry up Sher," Gloria urged, "we don't have all day here!" Now closing her mouth over the big head, Sherri pumped the big erection with her hand as her head moved up and down the blue veined shaft! With her free hand Sherri reach out and pulled Gloria down so that she could taste the big pecker too! "Try it," she said, as she let the it slip from her mouth and pointed it straight at Gloria. Gingerly at first Gloria licked the big head and softly slid it into her hot little mouth while her friend urged, "Suck it girl, suck him harder!!!" After a few minutes of sucking, Gloria released her grip on the big pecker and returned it to Sherri who greedily sucked it back down her throat! Kenny now was starting to feel his nut sack get tight with the anticipation of a big cum, and while looking at Gloria he ordered, "Let me see your cunt, you little bitch!" After looking around to make sure no one was watching them, Gloria lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties, her dark bush standing out starkly against her creamy white skin while Kenny ordered, "Finger it, slut!!!" Gloria slipped her middle finger deep into her crack, which caused her to gasp as she found her erect little clitoris! By now Sherri was doing a "hoover" on Kenny's hard meat, and listening to Gloria gasping and panting as she frigged her slit, Kenny rushed towards his orgasm, while Sherri groaned as she felt his cock begin to spasm in her hand! "I"m cumming," stammered a shaking Gloria, as her finger flew over her little nub! Hearing Gloria was all it took to send Kenny over the edge, and seconds later his hot cum filled Sherri's mouth with blast after blast hitting the back of her throat, and while swallowing most of it, some still managed to run down her chin and drip to the floor. Sherri loved blowing Kenny because he always had so much cum for her!!!

Sherri stood up and kissed Kenny on the cheek and said, "Thanks for the sugar!" "Anytime kid," he answered, "anytime!" On the way back to class, Sherri and Gloria stopped to talk to Amy about meeting after school to do homework. Gloria just shook her head and said, "You're going to suck her off aren't you?!?" Sherri, with a look of total innocence, said, "Who, me?" Gloria just rolled her eyes and headed off to class.

Amy's bedroom was decorated in pink and white with a lot of heart shaped pillows all over the bed. Sherri absentmindedly spun a pillow in her hands as the three girls made small talk about school, boyfriends, etc. Sherri steered the conversation towards summer vacation and pointedly mentioned that she had just bought a new bikini for this coming swimming season. Amy piped up that she too had just bought a new suit, and went over to her dresser and pulled it out. It was a bright yellow bikini with small white polka dots that was very skimpy. Sherri looked at it and wondered how it would look and Amy quickly volunteered to try it on. Taking off her sweatshirt revealed a large chest in a lacy low cut bra, and Sherri was surprised a the frills because Amy always seemed to dress kind of sloppy and tomboyish! Off came her khaki work pants and Amy soon was standing there in her bra and panties, but without even a moment's hesitation, she unhooked her bra and stepped out of her panties. Amy had a very nice body indeed, and Sherri and Gloria exchanged glances as Amy put on her new suit. When she got it on, she struggled to get it to fit comfortably, wiggling around, trying to make adjustments in the straps. Sherri said, "Let me help you with that," as she reached out and helped Amy try to fit into the two small pieces of fabric. When she was satisfied, Amy posed in the middle of the room, showing her front, back, and profiles.

When both Sherri and Gloria both commented on how beautiful she looked, Amy just blushed with pride! Sherri then mention that maybe the bottom was just a little crooked, and offered to straighten it out, so sitting on the bed with Amy standing in front of her, Sherri tugged and pulled on the front of Amy's suit. Now, ready to make her move, Sherri slipped her fingers inside and moved them around as if trying to align them, and when Amy didn't move a muscle in protest, Sherri continued to slide her fingers around inside Amy's suit bottom. Amy kept her pussy trimmed quite closely, so it was relatively easy to find her crack, so when her finger brushed over her clit, Amy stiffened, but still made no move to get away or stop Sherri from her probing! After almost a minute of this "accidental" touching, Sherri knew that she had her as she boldly slid the yellow bottoms off Amy's slim hips. It was as quiet as a funeral, but Sherri broke the silence when she calmly said, "Amy, I'm going to eat your slit, lay down on the bed please." Amy didn't make a sound, and did exactly as Sherri had ordered. Now on her back with her legs spread, Sherri let her tongue roam up and down the now wet crack, flicking her tongue over her erect clitoris, causing a moan to gurgle out of Amy's throat. More urgently now, Sherri bored in on her target, as the room now filled with the sounds of Sherri's loud cunt lapping and Amy's soft moaning! Gloria was sitting over in the corner working on her own clit, unable to believe how much sucking Sherri needed just to keep going!

The harder she sucked, the louder Amy's groans became and Sherri looked up to watch Amy cum, and was not surprised to see that she had pulled her tits out and was kneading the hard nipples with her fingers! Gloria came over to Sherri and flipped up her skirt, exposing her ass and panties, and after grabbing the crotch of her undies, she gave them a hard jerk, exposing Sherri's hot slit to the open air and also exposing it to Gloria's hot mouth! She buried her face into her friends burning snatch and tongued her cunt as if it were a small pecker! Sherri was now going crazy with desire, as in her mouth was a beautiful pussy, and her own cut was being eaten alive by a true cuntlapper! All three girls were now racing to orgasm while their moans were now loud and overt! They didn't care who or if anyone could hear them, all they wanted to do was cum, and that's all they cared about! The little orgy was coming to a climax as all three girls started to peak at the same time, their pussies now on fire as the contractions in their crotches exploded into orgasms!! Amy ground her cunt into Sherri's open mouth and she did the same to Gloria, while Gloria frigged her own clit hard and fast, making her cunt explode like a tidal wave hitting the beach as all three girls lay in a heap of sweat, pussy juice, and twisted intertwined bodies as brutal orgasms over took them!!! Later on, all that could be heard was three people trying to catch their breath!

Finally regaining their composure, Sherri commented, "Nice suit, Amy!" "Thanks, Sherri," answered Amy, "I'll try it on again for you sometime!"