Jill knew that she was in trouble the moment she heard the sharp voice of Miss Norton ordering her to halt! It was way past curfew and here she was out in the hall trying to sneak back to her own room. "Hold it right there, Miss Penice!" the head of school security barked. "Do you know what time it is?" "Uh, yes ma'am," Jill replied with a sinking heart. "The why are you where not supposed to be?" Petra Norton intoned evenly. "Well uh, you see it's like this," Jill stammered. "Like what? Petra asked harshly. "This is the third time this semester you've broken curfew," Petra Norton went on, "the last time you promised not to let it happen again!" Jill stood there with her head hung low, wishing for all the world she was anywhere but right here. This time it is going to be different," Petra said firmly. "Now, follow me to my office, we're gonna get it all straightened out!"

As they wound their way through the maze of corridors Jill tried one last time to reason with Petra Norton. "Can't we just wait until tomorrow, Miss Norton, I-it's so late?" "I guess you should have thought about that before flaunting the rules," Petra said coldly as they approached her office. "Now sit down and shut up while I try to figure out what to do with you!" Miss Norton's office was spartan to say the least, with bone white wall, a small metal desk, and several straight back chairs for visitors! If it was designed to make a person feel unwelcome it was doing good job of it, cuz Jill was dreading every minute she was in there! Petra Norton plopped down in her chair and interlaced her fingers and held them behind her head while staring at the young woman on the other side of the desk. Jill shivered as the older woman looked right through her, but even she couldn't have imagined what was about to happen next!

For several minutes it was quiet as a church mouse, so the crack of Petra Norton's voice nearly scared Jill to death! "I've come to a decision," Petra said a matter of factly. "Come around to this side of the desk," Petra ordered, "and make it snappy! Jill shuddered for a moment, but knowing it was useless to protest, slinked around until she was standing right in front of Petra Norton. "When's the last time you were spanked?" Petra asked softly. "S-spanked?" Jill asked fearfully. "Is there something wrong with your hearing?" Petra shot back. "When was the last time you were spanked!?!" "I-I don't know exactly," Jill whined. "Well, after tonight you'll be able to tell anyone who asks exactly the hour and the minute you got you fat behind tanned, so take down your pants and lie across my knees!"

"P-please, don't spank me!" Jill pleaded. "I promise never to be late again, I really do!" "Of course you do," Petra replied smoothly, "and after I'm done with you, I can be sure of it!!!" When Jill still didn't make a move to remove her jeans, Petra's hands shot out, and with a mighty tug pulled bag pants down to around the stunned you woman's ankles! "That's better," Petra Norton said softly, "now, over my knees with you!" With her entire body shaking, Jill slowly lowered herself down until she was laying directly over Petra's firm thighs! Her panty covered ass was now rested at a perfect angle for the security officer to commence with her spanking! Petra took her right hand and softly caressed Jill's big bottom through her white cotton panties and commented, "You have a very plush ass, it's a shame to waste it on such a utilitarian pair of undies! "I-I don't know what you mean," and embarrassed Jill stammered as the hand touching her bottom grew more and more intimate.

"I'm afraid that these panties have to go," Petra said softly. "W-whataya mean by that?" Jill asked nervously. "Don't worry, dear," Petra replied gently while reaching into a drawer for a pair of scissors, "you'll never even miss them." Jill was about to ask another question, but her train of thought was interrupted by the noise of her panties being snipped apart by the sharp clippers. "What are you doing to me?" the poor girl wailed. "I'm doing you a favor," the older woman answered lugubriously as she began caressing the frightened girl's bare fat bottom. "You young girls have such sweet asses," Petra sighed while bending over and kissing each cheek tenderly, "and you have such a hairy pussy for such a young woman." With the evil woman's fingers brushing ever so softly over her exposed lips, Jill gritted her teeth and tried desperately to put her mind somewhere else, but in the end it was hopeless as her cunt slowly but surely became whipped into a frenzy! Then just when she thought that an orgasm was about to wrench through her pussy, she was stunned with a sharp jolt of pain as Petra Norton's bare hand crashed down hard on her unsuspecting bottom! "Yeeeeeeeeoweeeeeeee!" Jill screamed as Petra's hand rained hard slaps on her milky white ass. "Y-you can't do this to me!" she groaned as a feeling of warmth spread across her burning cheeks. "Oh really?" Petra asked softly. "And who's going to stop me?!?"

For the next two or three minutes Petra gave the poor girl the spanking of her life! Jill tired in vain to slide away from the vicious blows but the old bitch was much to powerful for her, until finally she stopped struggling and took her punishment as best she could! Then just as quickly as it had started, the room grew quiet, except that is for Jill's soft sobs that echoed eerily around the small office. "There, there," Petra said soothingly while gently caressing the two burning globes of red flesh, "it's all over, just relax and it will be all better soon." Finally after another several minutes the pain actually became numbing, and again Jill began to relax only to be stunned once more by and unexpected assault! Again Petra took the poor girl by surprise when she roughly shoved a nine inch long dildo balls deep into her drooling pussy! Although she felt a lot of pain from the massive intruder, in less than two or three strokes she was rushing towards an orgasm of epic proportions!

Never in her short eighteen years of life had Jill been violated in such a brutal manner! Sure she had used candles and the such to masturbate with, but they were generally thin and tapered, allowing for easy entry into her tight teenage pussy! Now, however, her poor little vagina was being absolutely ravaged by a cock that would have literally choked a horse! Incredible as it may have seemed, Jill was soon meeting each and every stroke as she shoved her ass backward, hoping to get the maximum effect from each plunge into her molten pussy!!! Sensing that the young woman was nearing her climax Petra rammed the marauding pecker in and out of the little pussy with such force that she was sure that the poor thing would soon be begging for mercy! Just when she didn't think she could take one more stroke, Jill's pussy collapsed around the murderous hardon, gripping it tighter and tighter as it spasmed completely out of control while an orgasm of crushing ferocity carried her away on a cloud of supreme satisfaction!

When it was over Jill lay on Petra's lap with the fat cock still hanging from her hairy fuck hole and while her heart pounded like it was going to pop through her chest! While the old bitch gently rubbed her burning bottom she offered softly, "Now, see what happens when you break the rules?" A small smile spread over Jill's face as she replied, "I guess I'll have to do better in the future, won't I?" Petra chuckled a bit and replied, "Yes, I guess you will!"