"Hello, Heather," the smartly dressed middle aged woman said while ushering the twenty year old student into her living room. "And you have you been this past week, dear?" "Mmmmmm, pretty good, ma'am," Heather replied softly. "That's good," Marie McDonald answered while directing her young charge towards the rear of the large house. "Are you ready to have some fun?" Marie asked. "Yes, ma'am," Heather quickly replied, "I'm ready if you are." "Good, then let's get you out of those clothes!" The fortyish woman quickly took over and in a manner of a few seconds had the young woman standing completely naked in the middle of the room. "My you have a lovely body," Marie sighed while caressing Heather's full chest, "tell me again what size bra you wear." "A 34D," Heather replied with a little smile. "Is that okay?" she asked softly. "Oh my yes," Marie moaned, "you have beautiful breasts." "I don't know," Heather said doubtfully, "sometimes I think that I look top heavy." "Ohhhhhhhh no!" Marie replied quickly. "They're just perfect!" "Wellllllll," Heather said softly, "if you say so."

"Okay, dear, up on the table," Marie ordered. The lithe young woman easily hopped up onto the leather padded table and waited for further instructions. "I think that it's time for mama's baby to have her vagina and bottom washed," Marie said firmly, "and then we'll put on a diaper." "Okay, mommy," Heather answered in her best little girl's voice, "please wash my pussy for me." Marie quickly slapped Heather on her bare ass and scolded, "We don't use such crude gutter language young lady, we call it a vagina!" "I-I'm sorry, mommy," Heather replied with her head hanging down. "That's better," Marie said softly, "we want to grow up to be a nice young lady." "Yes, mommy," Heather answered in her little girl's voice, "a nice young lady." By now Marie had taken a warm wash cloth and was carefully washing every square inch of Heather's very hairy cunt. "My, my," Marie offered, "my little one is very bushy, very bushy indeed." "Is that bad?" a wide eyed Heather asked. "Of course not, dear," Marie said with smile, "it's just unusual for such little girl to have such a hairy vagina." "Do you like my vagina all hairy?" Heather asked innocently. "Of course I do, dear," Marie replied thickly, "you have a perfectly lovely vagina." "Mmmmm, thank you, mommy," Heather replied, "I'm so glad that you like it."

After making sure that Heather's ass and cunt were clean as a whistle, Marie had the young woman lift her butt off of the table whereupon she deftly put on an oversized diaper. As soon as the diaper was in place Heather complained, "Mommy, I'm hungry!" "I'm sorry, dear," Marie replied, "it's past time for you afternoon feeding." Marie helped the young woman down off the table and led her over to the sofa that was up against the far wall of the large den. Marie said down, and with her arms held out stretched pulled the young woman down onto her lap. "Hurry up, mommy," Heather said in a babyish voice, "I'm so hungry." "In just a minute, dear," Marie said while unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking the clasp of her front opening bra. Soon Marie's huge tits spilled out, ready and available for Heather's hot eager mouth! Without wasting even a moment Heather grabbed a huge boob in her hands and guided an already hard nipple into her waiting mouth! "Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy," the older woman sighed, "that's a good girl, suck mommy's big nipples for her."

Marie was in absolute heaven! Here she was nursing a large breasted young woman who was playing the role of her little baby to perfection! Heather licked and sucked the two big nipples for the next fifteen minutes or so before announcing, "Mommy, I've been a bad girl!" "Oh dear," Marie replied softly. "Have you gone potty in your diaper?!?" "I'm sorry, mommy," Heather whined, "I didn't mean to, it just happened." "That's okay, dear," Marie replied gently, "let's go back over to the table so we can change you." Seconds later Heather was back on the table where Marie quickly removed the sopping wet diaper. "You went pee pee," Marie said with a smile, "now mommy has to wash baby's vagina again." After she had again bathed the young woman's pussy, Marie leaned over and kissed each of her large pink nipples and announced, "I think that baby's pussy needs some attention."

"What kind of attention?" Heather asked in her best baby voice. "Baby's vagina seems to be all wet and gooey," Marie replied, "I think her vagina needs a toy to play with." "What kind of toy, mommy?" "I think baby's vagina needs a big fat penis to calm it down!" Marie replied hoarsely. "D-do you have a big penis for me?" the young woman stammered. "Of course I do, dear," Marie replied smiling, "I have it right here." With that she reached into a drawer on the side of the table and produced a stunningly large black rubber pecker that must have been at least nine inches long! "Oh, noooooooo, mommy," Heather cried, "it's gonna hurt my little vagina, please don't." "I'm sorry, dear," Marie said firmly, "but sometimes mommy knows what's best for her little baby, now be a good girl and spread your legs for me." With tears filling the young woman's eyes she slowly separated her thighs, exposing her tight little hair pie to Marie's ravenous eyes! "That's a good little girl," Marie said gently while rubbing the massive head up and down Heather's drooling slit. "Are you ready to have your vagina tended to?" she asked in a wavering voice. "Y-yes, mommy, I'm ready!" Heather stammered.

With her huge breasts still hanging out of her blouse, Marie slowly inched the huge dildo into Heather's tight little pussy. Even though they were only playing a game, the size of the fake pecker was truly immense, and it took all of Heather's concentration to relax her vaginal opening enough to allow it access inside of her! When almost all nine inches were finally buried deep in her pussy, the walls of Heather's cunt began contracting wildly as the first of many orgasms slammed into her helpless muff! "How does that feel?" Marie asked softly. "Does my little baby feel all better!?!" Heather's head was by now rolling back and forth on her pillow, and as she attempted to reply another orgasm racked her body, causing her to shake like the proverbial leaf! "Is it good, dear, does your vagina feel nice and full?" "G-god yes!" Heather gasped. "I feel so fucking full!!!" Do you think that this would make it feel even better?" Marie asked just before shoving the hard dick in and out of Heather's cunt at and unbelievable rate of speed.

Heather's eyes nearly popped out of her head as the black hammer pummeled her into complete and total submission! Her little pussy was being brutalized in a most vicious fashion, and yet it was inducing untold number of climaxes with each and every stroke! See the hairy little muffy engulfing such a murderous weapon as well as her cute tits bouncing freely to and fro was just too much for Marie as she shoved her hand up under her dress, wildly fingering her super hot pussy until she slipped to the floor in a stunning climax of her own! Both women lay in a shocked state of silence, with their heavy breathing the only sounds to be heard. As she lay on the table with her legs splayed open, the huge black prick slowly slid from Heather's gaping slit as her senses finally returned to normal!

"D-do you need any help getting dressed?" Marie asked. "I can get it," Heather giggled as she looked down at the shell shocked older woman. "Are you sure you want me to come back?" Heather asked while slipping on her blouse. "You don't look so good!" Marie reached into her pocket and extracted a one hundred dollar bill, and after handing it over to Heather replied, "Don't worry about me, same time next week?!?" Heather pocketed the cash and replied, "Okay, same time next week!!!"